Welcome to Our website. GTS(Global Trade Service) is an auto parts importer in Christchurch. Our company business start is importing used car and car Parts from Japan 15 years ago. After few years,, We found New Zealand car parts markets wanting to more wide range of parts. We start Business partsnership with Japanese car parts specialist in Japan and start importing car parts from Japan . Our Partner company's has 2,000 square meters of floor space holds thousands of cleaned, checked, cataloged and warrantied new and used car parts in Japan.

We Import most of Used &Brand New Factory (Genuine) car parts from Japan.

All Japanese makes welcome to ask. TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA,MAZDA, SUBARU, SUZUKI, MITSUBISHI, DAIHATSU,,,etc We do import Engine,Transmission,CVT,Headlight,Bumper,Radiator,interior parts,window Switch,,,etc We can import any parts from Japan. Our warehouse has approximately 30,000 spare parts. We stock pieces from all makes and models of cars, commercial vehicles, 4WDs and light trucks, and gain new stock on a weekly basis. 30,000 used auto parts including engines, gearboxes, transmissions, steering racks, alternators, starter motors, air-conditioning compressors, headlights, electric mirrors and most plastics for a large range of makes and models. We has strict quality control processes, extending to cleaning and cataloging. You know that a part bought from us will be as good as new.


The chassis number will help.

Where a model changes in a particular year, we will need the chassis number to be sure we can find you an exact match. The chassis number can stamped onto a strut, but is most likely a small panel riveted or stuck in one of 2 places : Riveted under the hood on the firewall, below the windscreen or stuck to the door frame near the drivers seat.

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